French Antiqued Painted Finish

In interior decorating, classic quality and craftsmanship brings true character to any room. Mahogany By Hand’s range of French reproduction furniture perfectly matches the calibre and beauty of Rococo, Napoleonic and French Louis furniture.

Lighter finishes were particularly typical of the Rococo period, which saw increased use of curved lines, ornamentation, marquetry inlays and secret compartments. Replicating hues that were popular at the time, Mahogany By Hand offers three antiqued finishes for its French reproduction furniture:

  • Chateau White

  • Valbone Cream

  • Portofino Grey

We offer a wide range of pieces – from French Louis furniture through to Chippendale replicas – that are hand painted, rubbed through and glazed to replicate a true antique finish.

See our gallery to view the wide range of French reproduction furniture pieces we are able to craft and custom-finish. For more information on Mahogany By Hand’s French reproduction furniture range, contact us today.

French Louis Furniture

“Rococo” is a term derived from the French “rocaille,” meaning rocks or stones, and “coquille,” meaning shell. Shells were a key inspiration for interior decorating during the period.

These paler shell and stone tones are reflected in our antiqued finishes range.

Chateau White

Chateau White

Chateau White is a painted finish typical of French Louis furniture. A subtle off-white, it has an almost matt finish and slightly stressed and aged look, replicating a true antique.

This is achieved using a scumble glaze technique, which involves applying a thin, opaque coating in layers to allow the below layers to shine through, adding depth and texture.

Valbone Cream

Valbone Cream

A richer, more pearl-like tone, Valbone cream is also typical of French Louis Furniture.

This finish is achieved through a multi-step process. Firstly, several layers of white and cream are applied to the piece. To mimic the appearance of an antique, we rub through areas of the item that are normally associated with wear, allowing layers of the white and cream paint to show through.

Finally, an antiquing glaze is applied, which simulates years of wax polishing.

Portofino Grey

Portofino Grey

A stonier, multi-tonal hue, Portofino Grey is achieved through painting our French reproduction furniture with layers of white, deep azure, cream and a final layer of subtle grey.

Layers of colours are exposed by rubbing through, creating depth as well as simulating the years of refinishing and wear of a true antique.

Further aging and enhancing the antique appearance is achieved by applying a final layer of antiquing glaze.

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