French Provincial Bedroom Furniture

Say ‘Oui’ to French provincial bedroom furniture and entice your mind towards acquiring a restful night filled with stress free, highly comfortable sleep, while basking in luxury and elegance!

Mahogany by Hand is a specialist at designing and manufacturing ergonomically designed French provincial bed accompanied by the complete range of French bedroom furniture so your bedroom can completely wear the elegant and highly appealing French look.

Our French provincial bedroom furniture is built to provide comfort and durability to you – with Mahogany by Hand, you get convenient access to French provincial bedroom furniture at affordable prices. With its easy maintenance and strong built, you will get good value for your money since this functionally superior French bed set will last longer with you!

French Provincial Bed

We can custom design your French provincial bed, nightstands, bedroom chairs, study tables, coffee tables, bedroom settee, and so much more! We can enrich the appearance of your bedrooms by incorporating magnificent and mesmerising shades of bronze, gold, reds, browns, blues and greens in your French bedroom furniture.

Bringing the Authentic French Look & Feel Right to Your Bedrooms!

French Armoires – French bedroom armoires with their antique and rustic look, with intricate and floral designing are the best way to keep your bedrooms organised as well as get that raw French feel in the atmosphere. The majestic armoire will stand tall and bold, yet look elegant and sophisticated. It will have the capacity to function effectively as a cupboard for you, to store your wardrobe, your belongings and other bedroom essentials such as bed sheets and pillow covers.

French Mirrors –Full length French bedroom mirrors too can stand tall and strong; bearing intricate French designs and carvings in their frames, creating a look of French royalty in your bedrooms all the while giving you the functionality of mirrors. Leaf motifs are one of the most popular French designing which our clients love for us to incorporate in their mirror framing. However, we can incorporate any French design you desire.

The artsy feel in your bedroom will turn them into the true sanctuary you desire them to be. We are a one-stop destination for you if you are looking to transform your room and furnish it using French provincial bedroom furniture. We can reproduce fine French designs from magazines and pictures if you would like us to.

For more details, feel free to give us a call at Mahogany by Hand or browse through our range of French provincial furniture!