French Provincial Furniture

One of the true heights of Western civilisation was the 18th and 19th century imperial era of France. The taste, style and opulence of the French royalty and aristocracy is one that may never be repeated again. While times may have changed, the era’s true legacy is its comfort and elegance in furniture. We carefully reproduce this French provincial furniture by hand at our Melbourne workshop so that this apex of elegance may be enjoyed for decades to come.

French Provincial Decor

Our range of French provincial furniture will add an element of style to a living room, office, study, living room or bedroom that will make it unique. Whether adding one piece or an entire suite of furniture, the boldness of our pieces will provide opulent comfort that will impress even the most pure of Francophiles time and time again.

Antiqued Finishes

Each item in our French provincial furniture is available in several different finishes and styles:


An off-white colour scheme that represents the true purity of the French Imperial house – elegant to the last.


A typically French style, sheets of gold leaf are meticulously hand-gilded to represent true elegance and class.


Valbone is a light and summery range that has been carefully effected and distressed to enhance the look of long-term use and everlasting style.

Moulin Noir

This style is powerfully dark and foreboding, replicating ebony wood that was popular in the French Imperial era.


A rich, cream coloured texture designed to effect years of use and multi layers of paint to enhance the antique aesthetic.

Venetian Mirrors

Venice is known around the world for the quality of its glass and mirrors as well as for its style. The French aristocracy identified with this and procreated it to compliment their existing elegance.

French Provincial Style

We produce chairs, tables, dining settings, cupboards, wardrobes, display cabinets, mirrors, chez lounges, sofas, armchairs, dressers, cabinets, tallboys, side tables, filling cabinets and more all replicating 18th and 19th century opulence in Melbourne.

Provincial Furniture Melbourne

For more information on any of our French provincial furniture, browse our catalogue, contact us online or call +61 (0) 3 9555 1210.

Say ‘Au Revoir’ to dull and boring and ‘bonjour’ to graceful and contemporary!

Stylise your Melbourne homes with top quality French provincial furniture by Mahogany by Hand!

French Provincial Style & Decor

French provincial style furniture has few distinct qualities that make it recognisable from afar. You will feel a difference in the ambiance and the atmosphere as soon as you enter a room which has been furnished using French provincial decor and furniture. Harmony and tranquillity are the emotions generated by the classy and elegant French provincial décor that can take you back to the goodness of the French countryside.

The French provincial style and décor is dominated by intricate designs and mixture of patterns; the philosophy behind French provincial style is to create unique and distinctive looking furniture.

One of the coolest things about French provincial décor is that it incorporates a variety of colours, from subdued shades and pastels to more vibrant colours. So you can have soft coloured French provincial furniture in your living rooms in order to give them a look of sophistication and grace and make them cosy and comfortable for seating. For a passionate, warm, inviting and regal look of your bedrooms, you can get more vibrantly coloured, stained or polished French provincial furniture and lift its appearance to new heights!

French Provincial Style & Decor Demands Attention to Detail

The French provincial style and décor pays huge attention to detail – it is all about creating intricate and beautiful designs and finishing them with perfection and finesse. So if you are looking for high quality coupled with modernism and sophistication, then French provincial style furniture is the best choice for your home in Melbourne!

Keeping it Real & Authentic

Smooth and elegantly curved table legs and chair legs are another distinctive feature of the French provincial style furniture. A number of our Melbourne clients like to preserve the rustic and antique look in the French provincial style furniture that they place an order for with us. This helps them in giving their furniture that authentic French look which is so much in demand these days, all over the world.

We can replicate French provincial furniture for our Melbourne clients – so you can give us a finish straight out of the magazine and we will reproduce it for you, capturing its true beauty and elegance. Our skilled craftsmen have the eye for and the ability to follow design details and transfer them into high quality, functionally superior and aesthetically pleasing French provincial furniture.

If you want to discuss your requirements for French provincial style furniture and decor, place an order for your favourite furniture piece or have any queries, just give us a call at Mahogany by Hand!